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My Story
I didn’t realize, as a child, what my parents’ unhappy relationship meant in the long run for me. The full impact of my parents’ separation on me was not realized until I became an adult. They divorced when I was 10 years old in South Korea, and if I didn’t know my father well at the time of the separation, it wasn’t long before the estrangement was completely solidified. Subsequent to their divorce, my mom decided that a change was needed. The three of us, my mom, my older sister and I immigrated to Southern California to join my aunts. My dad remained in South Korea and I never saw him again.
Although I grew up without particularly missing my dad, since we didn’t have a close relationship to begin with, the way my parents handled their divorce impacted the decisions I made in my personal life in terms of how I viewed relationships as an adult; and how these decisions were influenced by my own cultural heritage and my ingrained perspective towards marriage.
How you handle your divorce has ramifications on your kids emotionally and psychologically. Even if they’re at an age too young to process what’s going on to articulate it, they will feel your conflict and carry it inside of them for years to come. Being able to parent together after your divorce is the greatest gift you can give to your children as they grow up and make decisions about their own personal lives.
My Approach to Law
I am a mediator and a collaborative attorney and I am committed to resolving conflict for families that are in transition through mediation and a collaborative approach. I help husbands and wives, fathers and mothers deal with legal problems related to divorce. I handle all aspects of family law related to custody, support, finances and asset division peacefully and without court intervention. ​Instead of filing court motions and having the case languish in court, sometime for years, mediate or collaboratively work out the issues and find a balance – concerning custodial time, finances and your lives. Mediating or collaboratively engaging professionals can also be less expensive and less time consuming than litigating in court. We can also help diffuse volatile emotions with the assistance of a divorce coach, should you want one. My office is a place to resolve conflict and find solutions to your difficulties as one chapter comes to an end and a new one begins.