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I didn’t realize the full impact of how my parents handled their divorce until I became an adult. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old in South Korea and essentially became enemies. Subsequent to their divorce, my mom immigrated to Southern CA to join her sisters. My sister and I immigrated with her as my dad remained in S. Korea. I never saw my dad again after the age of 10.

Although I grew up without particularly missing my dad, since we didn’t have a close relationship to begin with, the way my parents handled their divorce impacted the decisions I made in my personal life in terms of how I viewed men of my own cultural heritage and my attitude towards marriage.

How you handle your divorce has ramifications on your kids emotionally and psychologically. Even if they’re at an age too young to process what’s going on to articulate it, they’ll feel your conflict and carry it inside of them for years to come. Being able to parent together after your divorce is the greatest gift you can give to your children as they grow up and make decisions about their own personal lives.